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In South Carolina's Low Country, long before I was ever born, my grandfather Samuel C. Feagin developed the perfect blend of apple cider vinegar, tomato, mustard, and spices to create his iconic mopping sauce. As word spread, people from all over the region came to buy his sauce. They used it to cook their whole hog barbecues, grilled chicken, roasted venison, seafood dishes and more. It was a simple life and a simple sauce that produced many memories for me and for people all across the region. 

As early as five I remember helping my grandfather stir his sauce and pungent vinegar stinging my nose while mellowing as each ingredient was carefully added. About the time I turned thirteen, he decided to pass his recipe on to me.  Fast-forward years later and I would take the original recipe I penned as a young boy and produce it for the enjoyment of all. It's still the same original recipe only the margarine with its hydrogenated oil has been removed and the ingredients have been painstakingly sourced to give you a sauce that is free of high-fructose corn syrup and gluten. Like our flagship Low Country Moppin' Sauce, all of our products are just as wholesome and pure in pursuit of my mission to provide the best products possible without compromising for profit. 

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Hi! I'm Sid and it is my pleasure to share stories, recipes, and cooking techniques unique to Gullah Gravy Low Country Moppin' Sauce and South Carolina's Low Country

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