Gullah Gravy

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Gullah Gravy Low Country Moppin’ Sauce is an old-time South Carolina Low Country recipe used on meats, seafoods, and even vegetables. It is a balanced vinegar, tomato, mustard based sauce that is not too sweet or too spicy but just right.


In the South Carolina Low Country around 1960, long before I was born, my grandfather Carlton Feagin set out to create the perfect sauce. If his calloused hands weren’t working at the steel mill, they were stirring sauce. People traveled from miles around to buy his sauce. We’d sell it in glass jugs, empty liquor bottles, or mason jars. The packaging wasn’t glamorous, but it didn’t have to be. Our customers slathered it on everything from pork, chicken, seafood, venison, and beef. Gullah Gravy Low Country Moppin’ sauce is a true treasure just like every memory I have of making it with my grandfather. So mop some on and taste a simpler time!

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Meats, Seafoods, Vegetables

2 reviews for Gullah Gravy

  1. steve

    This stuff is fantastic. I’ll use it all summer long.

  2. steve

    I heard it kills the coronavirus!

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