Pimento Cheese is a Southern Classic…

… and my mother, Nancy Feagin, made the absolute best!

It seems lately that pimento cheese is experiencing a renaissance so I thought I would share her recipe with you but first, a few basics. My mom always talked about the fine art of making pimento cheese and she pronounced it “pimen’r n cheese” as many southerners do. Among other things, she always said there were two critical steps to getting it right: always use a high-quality mayonnaise like Duke’s (no, they are not paying me) and always use two different cheeses, a sharp and a mild or else “the pimento cheese will lack depth.” Those two cheeses had to be, without exception, Red Rind Hoop Cheese for the mild and Black Rind Hoop Cheese for the sharp. While these cheeses hail from the great state of Wisconsin, the dish is uniquely southern as far as I am concerned. Nevertheless, Red and Black Rind Hoop Cheese are becoming hard to find these days and while I have used regular sharp and mild cheddar cheeses, I find that they just don’t stack up to mom’s favorite and preferred cheese.

Nancy's Pimento Cheese

Nancy's Pimento Cheese recipe is simple and easy to make. Her favorite way to eat pimento cheese was on celery sticks, but you can serve it on crackers, tortilla chips, sandwiches, and even apples
Prep Time15 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Cuisine: Southern


  • 1/3 lbs grated Black Rind Hoop Cheese
  • 2/3 lbs grated Red Rind Hoop Cheese
  • 4 oz pimentos chopped
  • Duke's Mayonnaise just enough to get the mixture to bind well


  • In a bowl, combine the cheeses, chopped pimentos with liquid, and just enough mayonnaise to bind the mixture well. Let the pimento cheese rest in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours before serving.


To spice up your pimento cheese, add finely chopped jalapeños, cayenne pepper, chipotle, or smoked paprika to suit your taste.
Serve on celery sticks, with apple slices or crackers, or as a sandwich. It also makes a great grilled cheese sandwich. If you try a grilled pimento cheese sandwich, add some thinly sliced Granny Smith Apples for a real treat!

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